How to Sell a Used Boat




The axiom “reduce, reuse, and recycle” has been heard from many corners of the United States and around the world as we seek to get a handle on the financial situation and the economy right now. Therefore, understanding how to sell a used boat that you seldom use would be a good way to clean up around your property and it would also give someone else the opportunity to buy something that is in good condition to use in their own family.


Learning how to sell a used boat, especially in an internet society, should bring to mind various online stores where one can buy used merchandise by bidding on it or buying it outright. One of the first contenders in this online marketing is eBay.


To know how to sell a used boat on eBay, you will need to know some the specifics about the boat. How large is it? How many passengers can it seat? Does the motor come with the boat? These are some basic questions that boat buyers will want know.


You also need to know if the boat is in good shape or if it needs work. In order to actually know how to sell a used boat online, you should probably be sure that it floats; otherwise you might not get any takers. After that though, you need to let people know up front whether the boat needs structural work or aesthetic work or if it is in perfect shape. Those items that are in perfect shape will be sold and/or bid on at a different level than will those items that need some kind of work done.


To know how to sell a used boat, you should have an idea about what the boat is worth and how much you would like to get for it. EBay, particularly, has programs that allow you set a price that must be met before you will actually sell the item you have listed. If your boat is worth $1,250.00, you definitely don’t want to sell it for $25.00.


The next thing you need to know about how to sell a used boat is whether you want people to have the opportunity to buy it without going through the bidding process. Listing a “buy it now” price may get your boat sold more quickly but it may not give you the time to test the market to see if you can get more for it. In the end, whether you are really interested in selling your boat will be the determining factor in how far you will go to sell it.


Another issue in learning how to sell a used boat will be getting it to the customer in a timely and satisfactory manner. If a customer bids on your boat and you accept the offer, rest assured that he or she wants to receive the merchandise. When you place

the boat on eBay, you need to have already decided how you are planning to ship the boat and posted the price of delivery. Otherwise, the profit from your boat may sink to the bottom of the river like the proverbial rock.


A little research will go a long way in knowing how to sell a used boat on eBay or in any other market. Gather your paperwork, get it in good order, take pictures and do the best you can to present the boat in a good light. Be honest through and through, especially if you would like to sell on eBay again. The word about dishonest sellers gets around quickly. If it is important to sell the boat, follow the steps listed above. Then your boat will outshine the others because you have done your homework and have worked to prove the worth of your product.

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