Learning How to Build a Boat


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The first step in learning how to build a boat or anything else involves learning what can be built within your budget and time constraints. Building a yacht on a rowboat budget will not yield a satisfactory boat.


In learning how to build a boat, you will need to have some kind of design or idea in mind about what the boat will be used for and how many people will use it. Will it be a sailboat, a rowboat, a motor boat or a yacht? There are designs available for all of these but if you simply want a rowboat, there is no need to design to the specifications of a yacht.


Understand your budget for this boat. Knowing your budget will help you decide how elaborate your design can be, how large it will be in its category, and what kind of materials you can afford.


If you are good with design and details, learning how to build a boat will involve designing a plan or a blueprint. Without this expertise, you might choose to study various designs and blueprints and purchase the one that meets your needs the best. Choosing from blueprints that are already available will also mean that you need to choose whether to build from a kit or to build from scratch. A boat building kit will come with everything you need for learning how to build a boat from the design to the final finish for the constructed boat. There are many people like you who are interested in learning how to build a boat but who let the project go because the plans called for a particular tool that they could not get in their own hometown. Therefore, especially if youíve never built a boat before, it might be a good idea to start with a kit. These kits can be very elaborate or very basic depending on the type of boat for which you are looking. If you are looking to go fishing with a friend on the weekends, you wonít need the same kind of plan or kit that someone will who wants to take his or her family out in a motor boat so they can ski.


Knowing what kind of materials you want to use in the boat is critical to learning how to build a boat and getting the boat to hold together. You may choose to use wood or aluminum, steel or fiberglass. Only you will be able to make that decision as you check out the various plans and/or kits available in your price range. Do you want the boat to simply be serviceable or do you want it to also be beautiful? These

basic questions will help guide you in the right direction as you decide what kind of boat your boat will be.


The next step in learning how to build a boat is very, very basic yet holds some people back. You must actually begin the project. Getting excited about having the boat is not the same as actually beginning to get the boat built. Many people see the idea of having a boat as a great idea and they even go so far as to buy the kit or the first set of tools and supplies Ė and then they get stalled while trying to find a time to start.


Being out on the water and learning the art of boating is a great way to spend some free time. Donít give up before you start. Look into your budget, your abilities, and you willingness to complete the project and then begin learning how to build a boat!

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