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Author: Lisa L. Wojcik, WaterwayStore.com


There are so many different types of boats. There are the plain fishing boats, fancy fishing boats, and sail boats, yachts, and many in between. Boats are made of many different materials. There are small fishing boats and huge luxury yachts. Older boats restored older boats, and new boats; there is something for everyone and every need.


Some prefer the shiny wood boats with the natural wood grain showing through the top coat. Others like the fiberglass boats because they are light weight. The metal boats are less expensive when you are talking small fishing boats and fisherman like them because they are easy to care for and usually can be bought at a fair price. .


You have to know what you will be using your boat for to decide which the best boat is for you. Then you can get down to details like how big, type of motor, colors that you want and so on. If the boat will be for fishing and skiing, it would be different than a boat for fishing and entertaining.


A fishing boat can be as plain as a metal boat with metal bench seats, or as fancy as a boat with chairs made especially for fishing, and a bathroom and/ or a sleeping compartment. It can be large or small, made for fishing small fish, or big fish. These boats are for true fishermen. Some enjoy the finer things and thus would go for a boat with more options and features. Some just get to go out occasionally and the smaller metal boat with a small boat motor is perfect for them. It all depends on your wants and needs.


There are speedboats which are good for skiing. These boats are usually long, seat 2-4 people sometimes more. They are made for speed, so people that are adventurous like this type of boat. They like to ski, parasail, or go tubing. There are places that you can use a speed boat, but safety must always come first.


A Yacht is just pure fun and relaxation and made to entertain, fish, sunbathe, and whatever else you would like to do. It is not made for speed, but for cruising. You can have friends on board and have nice dinners. There are usually state rooms below, how many would depend on the size of the Yacht; could be one or several. There is usually a kitchen, and a living room, a bathroom, and other amenities. This is made for the person who can afford the best, and enjoys it, with friends.


A sail boat is an excellent way to enjoy the water. It is beautiful, the wind takes you where you want to go, and you travel by wind speed. This type of boat is made for the athlete that likes to set up the sails, and take them down to just float in the

water. You can relax down in the hull where there is usually a nice room, and just drift around. Lie on the deck and take in the sun. This is the boat for a laid back person who enjoys the nature of sky and water.


There are Pontoon boats which are made for doing most things that involve a slow cruise, or floating. It is long, fairly wide, with seats, a large middle area, made for get togethers on the open water of a lake. You can fish, sunbathe, or just sit back and enjoy the ride. This is a good family boat, for people who want to just enjoy a nice day.


There are many more boats but these are some of the more popular ones. They have many different features and options for each different boat. Each has its own style, and best use. They can be any size, any price range, and all are made to be enjoyed.

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